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Guest Speaker & Lecturer

Dr. Candice Bledsoe is a prolific thought leader, professor, and social entrepreneur.  Her research explores equity, access, and the narratives of the underrepresented.  She also captivates her audience with stories of adversity, triumph, and change. Dr. Bledsoe can energize listeners with stories that inspire peak performance, move your audience to action, and create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.  Book Dr. Bledsoe for your event, conference, or meeting.


Dr. Bledsoe's coaching service is a one-to-one relationship designed to facilitate a leader’s professional and personal growth resulting in expanded ways to utilize existing skills and talents. Her practice is centered on Coaching for Equity which we define as the practice of listening, teaching, provoking, guiding, and supporting people to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives.

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